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The Goblet
Ward 1
Plot 38


The Bar

The Hunter's Haven basement level is equipped with a custom designed bar. There are multiple seating options to choose from, varying from small, two person seating areas to a larger table for group gatherings.

The Hunter's Guild

The Crystal Arrows' hunter's guild is a place for experienced hunters who work to keep the world safe from unusual hunts. Equipped with a front desk for signing into the guild, a hunt board for choosing and accepting marks to face and a seating area to sit with your companions, have some food and/or drink, and plan your hunts.

Accommodation currently under construction.

Drink Menu

The Hunter's Haven offers a wide variety of drinks, all home-made and custom creations from various hunters who are associated with The Crystal Arrows.

Non-Alcoholic Menu

All non-alcoholic drinks are free of charge.

  • Water

  • Fresh fruit juice - Rolanberry - Pixieberry - Apple - Lemonade

  • Tea - Black - Cream - Mint - Pixieberry

  • Coffee

  • Green tea

  • Milkshakes - Banana - Rolanberry - Blueberry - Chocolate - Vanilla

Alcoholic Menu

Alcoholic drinks are charged at 50 gil per drink.

Scholar's Stout
Bardic Brew
Archer's Ale

Wanderer's Whiskey
Ranger's Rum
Byregot's Brandy
Gyr Abanian Gin

Ruby Rosé
Warden's White
Rogue's Red
Machinist's Mead

Dark Knightcap
Summoner's Saké
Elemental Ether


Cocktails are charged at 100 gil a drink.

Rolanberry Rumble: Rolanberry juice, berries and VerVodka blended with ice. A sweet drink that tastes of The Black Shroud in summer time.Limelight: Gyr Abanian Gin, Ranger's Rum, lime cordial and mint. A drink that reminds Ria of the Moonfire faire.Hunter's Heaven: Wanderer's Whiskey, hot chocolate with sugar, cream and nutmeg. Wonderful for a cold day.Awakening: Wanderer's Whiskey with coffee, ice, sugar and cream. Great to keep up your energy through late evenings.The Degreaser: VerVodka, Ranger's Rum, Elemental Ether and ice. Why forget the night when you can wipe the entire slate clean?

Unique Drinks

Unique drinks are priced at 150 gil per drink.

Monochrome: Using a special mixture of herbs, this drink has an alcohol content of 10%, and will leave you seeing the world in black and white for a short while.Moonbeam: A spirit brewed from the petals of a rare flower that only blooms in moonlight, sweetened by the honey from the same flower's nectar. Said to make its drinker sleep better at night.Boundless: Created from a special mixture of herbs and magic, this drink is sweet and has the special property to neutralize alcohol completely.Dragonsbreath: A sweet cinnamon and whiskey blend, this drink doesn't have any special effects but Ria is addicted to cinnamon.Harmony: A magical drink that matches the mood of the consumer, changing flavour according to their own emotions.Prelude in Pink: A good warm-up drink for those who tend to drink less. Made from rose petals and sweetened with honey, this drink boasts a low 2% alcohol content.

Food and Snacks

Snack Menu

Snacks are charged at 30 gil each.

Breaded Mushrooms: Mushrooms coated in a garlic batter, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection.Pitta bread and Hummus: Freshly made pitta cut into triangles, served with a home made hummus dip.Protein Mix: A mixture of various nuts and dried berries.

Starter Menu

Starters are charged at 50 gil each.

Chicken Skewers: Diced chicken and vegetables, marinated in sweet chilli sauce and grilled.Fried Tofu: Deep fried tofu, lightly salted and garnished with leeks and black pepper.Cheesy Garlic Bread: Home made baguette sliced into strips, coated in garlic butter and roasted in the oven.Soup: A soup of choice, made with fresh ingredients. Choose from Popoto and leek, chicken and mushroom or tomato.

Meat Menu

Main meals are charged at 150 gil each, unless specified otherwise.

Chicken Stew: Diced chicken with root vegetables stewed throughout the day to perfection. Served with fresh bread rolls.Aldgoat Burger: Served with onions in a soft bun with barbecue sauce, a side of fries and salad.Grilled Salmon: Served in a smokey sauce, surrounded by various vegetables.Behemoth Steak (500 gil): Cooked just how you like it, served with a side of fries, not that you'll manage them after eating so much meat.Sausage Pudding: Sausages baked in batter to create a bowl, filled with creamy mash popotos, vegetables and gravy.Chicken Katsu Curry: Cooked oriental style, Ria took a liking to this when she was in Kugane and learned to make it the local way.

Vegetarian Menu

Main meals are charged at 150 gil each, unless specified otherwise.

Vegetarian Burger: A synthetic meat-like burger created when Ria was collaborating with Teddie. She enjoyed it so much she put it on her own menu. Served with fries and salad.Chickpea Curry: Curry with a thick sauce, filled with soft chickpeas and vegetables, served with rice.Three Bean Casserole: Three different kind of beans slow cooked in a warm casserole, lightly spiced with dumplings. Served with bread rolls.Breaded Salad: A leafy salad garnished with crunchy croutons, drizzled in a sweet honey-based herb dressing.Cheese Salad Sandwich: Mature cheddar served with salad in fresh bread, a lighter meal for a smaller appetite.

Dessert Menu

Desserts are charged at 50 gil each.

Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake: Ria improved on that idea of making cheesecake with chocolate (which she may have been addicted to eating) by adding fudge to it. Served with cream or ice cream.Forest Pancakes: Served with a wild berry sauce, these pancakes are shaped like oak leaves with magic.Ice Cream Sundae: Three kind of ice cream, small chunks of brownies and a wafer on top. A lighter, sweet dessert for a hot day.Mochi Balls: Sweet ice cream coated in mochi and frozen. Various flavours available.Maple Tart: Maple syrup flavoured tart, soft baked and served with ice cream.

Rules and Regulations

  • Be respectful of other people's space and level of experience with roleplaying.

  • Characters that break lore or behaviours that break immersion are discouraged.

  • Mature discussions and innuendo are acceptable conduct, but any adult activities will result in being asked to leave the Haven and will no longer be welcome within the premises.

  • Offensive spells and abilities are automatically hindered by an active barrier that will disperse aether and shield attacks around patrons. This will not activate if the A.I does not deem an action to be injury inducing.

  • The Crystal Arrows as an organization, upon the premises known as "The Hunter's Haven" are an open organization that do not exclude individuals based on background, class, religion, race, creed etc and act according to a person's conduct within the walls.

  • The Hunter's Haven is not associated with any of the Eorzean Grand Companies or other parties, and operate outside the boundaries of any external laws.

  • Despite claims from outside sources, the individual known as "Hotholion Drakonic" does not own the Hunter's Haven, The Crystal Arrows or any other branch under the Arrows' banner and is not an official member of staff, despite claims stating otherwise.